“Landlords, Commercial Tenants Negotiate Rent Breaks Amid Coronavirus Disruption” Wall Street Journal (Keen-Summit Capital Partners Interviewed)

Landlords, Commercial Tenants Negotiate Rent Breaks Amid Coronavirus Disruption

Real-estate advisers and lawyers are brokering deals to defer or forgive rent payments, with some landlords asking for proof tenants need the relief


Aisha Al-Muslim

April 20, 2020 5:30 am ET


Landlords of retailers are normally used to striking lease-restructuring deals, but landlords of other businesses aren’t, said Matthew Bordwin, principal and managing director at Keen-Summit Capital Partners LLC, a real-estate brokerage and investment banking firm.

“More people jumped on the not-paying bandwagon than landlords anticipated,” Mr. Bordwin said. “They are being overrun with non-payment of rents.”