What Are the Options for Real Estate Owners Facing Loan Defaults

Owners facing challenges today have several restructuring options, but it’s critical to get guidance. 

Harold Bordwin | Oct 31, 2023 

The almost daily announcements in the press about defaults, foreclosures, deeds-in-lieu and, among other things, the forthcoming sale of Signature Bank’s $33 billion commercial real estate loan portfolio are ominous signs for the real estate community. They reflect the challenges facing commercial real estate owners and lenders in this age of elevated interest rates and depressed property values. 

With so many commercial real estate loans maturing, what is a property owner to do? 

Property owners have several restructuring options to address real estate defaults. It’s important to address a potential real estate default earlier rather than later. Whether facing a covenant default or a payment default, an owner’s optionality decreases daily as the default date approaches.  Read more below or visit https://www.wealthmanagement.com/distressed/what-are-options-real-estate-owners-facing-loan-defaults.