SOLD: Two Loan Portfolios

Bankruptcy Sale
2 Loan Portfolios
MARCH 25, 2020

We are selling two portfolios of loans for our client, Valley Economic Development Center Incorporated DIP.

One portfolios consists of 90 SBA Community Advantage Program loans with an unpaid balance as of December 31, 2019 of $6,810,221 of which $4,572,327 in guaranteed portions has been sold on the secondary market.  Therefore, the aggregate unpaid balance available as of December 31, 2019 is $2,237,894 of which $1,281,893 is guaranteed.

The second portfolio consists of 52 unencumbered loans with an unpaid balance as of January 2020 of $2,727,129.

If you would like to receive access to a data room that has been set up on these portfolios, please download, fill out and executed the below NDA.  Once we have a fully executed NDA we will be able to provide you access to the data room.

Bankruptcy Sale Teaser 3-10-20

NDA for Loan Portfolio (for distribution)

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