Bankruptcy Sale
Campus and Gatehouse
Bid Deadline: December 7th
Minimum Overbid:
Campus - $3,250,000
Gatehouse - $310,000

Keen-Summit Capital Partners LLC ("Special Real Estate Advisor") and TPW Real Estate LLC ("Broker"), have been jointly engaged by Southern Vermont College as exclusive advisors for the sale of its real estate holdings in Bennington, VT including Southern Vermont College, the Gatehouse and SVC Art Center.  These properties are availble in the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  The trustee, Ray Obuchowski, has signed a contract on the Campus which interested parties can submit competing offers on by December 7, 2020.  The minimum overbid bid is $3,250,000.  In addition the Trustee signed a contract on the gatehouse and interested parties can submit competition offers by December 7, 2020.  The minimum overbid is $310,00.  The trustee is accepting offers on the Art Center.


Combined Campus and Gatehouse Flyer - 11-20-20

Campus Flyer - 11-20-20

Art Center Flyer - 11-18-20

Gatehouse Flyer - 11-20-20

Southern Vermont College - IM 11-18-20

Motion to Sell Campus

Notice of Hearing to Approve Sale

Proposed Order Approving Sale

Motion to Sell (Gatehouse)

Proposed Order Approving Sale of Gatehouse

Notice of Gatehouse Sale Motion

Higher and Better Offers - To Be Used if Submitting a Competing Offer


Former Southern Vermont College and Gatehouse:

Land Area: 371 Acres
Conservation Easement: 226 Acres
Net Useable:  145 Acres
Site Shape / Topography: Irregular / Rolling
Property Type: College Campus
Combined Building Area: 148,439
Number of Buildings: 12
Everett Mansion, Birchwood (Offices), Computer Lab, Hunter  Hall (Classrooms), Six Residence Halls, Dining Hall, Athletic Center
Stories: 1 to 4
Year Built: 1911 thru 2008
Parking Spaces: 383
Also Available: SVC Gate House at Entrance to College


Southern Vermont College Art Center: 444 Gypsy Lane

  • 36,612 sq. ft. non-profit art center and/or a museum or theater
  • 5.8+ Acres

Significant Art Collection Also Available: Including works from Stephen Hannock, Eric Sloane, Floyd Scholz & Charles Pabst


Chris Mahoney, Keen-Summit Capital Partners LLC
(646) 381-9205

Heather Milazzo, Keen-Summit Capital Partners LLC
(646) 381-9207

Paul Carroccio, TPW
(888) 297-4879

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