Project Bluefin: For Sale – Seafood Wholesaler & Distributor

Bid Deadline: May 29, 2019

Company Overview

We are selling one of the larger seafood distributors on the eastern seaboard, with historic New York City fish-market roots as a seafood wholesaler, retailer and distributor. The Company’s high-quality fish and seafood is sold to supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, airlines and passenger ships as well as direct to consumers.

Business Opportunity

Company will be sold, in whole or in parts.

This is a unique, turn-key opportunity for food and seafood wholesalers and distributors to acquire a great brand, an extensive customer list, $35+ million of sales, and associated PP&E.

Business Model

  • Direct importer of fresh seafood worldwide
  • Direct receivers of fresh fish daily
  • Wholesale distribution worldwide
  • Agreements with numerous fishing vessels for year-round fresh fish and seafood

The Company’s sales are comprised of a full line of fresh whole fish, hand cut fillets, live shellfish, frozen seafood, breaded seafood and canned products.

Summary of Net Sales



Wholesale Sales
(Delivered to Customers)



Packaged Item Sales
(Cryovac’d trays – Ordered specifically cut and trayed)



Market Sales
(Customer Pickup)



Market Cash Sales
(No account – Cash & Carry)



Net Sales




  • IMG_0349
  • IMG_0402
  • IMG_0378

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